Sunday, December 1, 2013

final chance to rid herself of her wicked and lascivious behavior

Miss Hallstead's Campus for Girls Headmistress has grave concerns about Gabriella's conduct. She has been found abusing herself sexually in the girl's room and in class on multiple occasions, and deemed a general nuisance to the integrity of the institution. Gabriella has been sent to the campus therapist for a final chance to rid herself of her wicked and lascivious behavior.The doctor shares Miss Hallstead's concerns and takes it upon himself to save the girl from her own wicked libido. A series of therapeutic interventions are employed to help her find the true path to moral integrity by allowing her to get all of her slutty behaviors acted out in a safe, sane and clinical environment.

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strap-on fucking her cunt and mouth while she's wearing a butt plug

Andre Shakti's only in town for one night and she's cruising the bars determined to get laid! This wannabe heartbreaker's horny ambitions lead her into a trap set by bartender Mz Berlin and her lesbian lover Ariel X. At the mercy of these two nefarious ladies, Andre's humiliated, spanked and flogged. Next, she's subjected to predicament bondage while Ariel and Mz tease and deny her, making her to watch them get each other off by pantyhose tribbing.Then, Mz and Ariel make Andre "air tight" by strap-on fucking her cunt and mouth while she's wearing a butt plug. Tons of ass licking, face sitting, and lesbian kissing transpire. Thrown out on the street wearing only bondage and a butt plug, Andre learns the lesson of picking up a hot stranger in in strange town.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I love red panties

I love red panties if you haven't figured that out yet. I love the way they look with pantyhose, especially white ones... So naughty! A layer of soft white knit pantyhose over smooth satin red gently carassing my smooth shaved pussy! But this time I feel like playing with my panties, slowly pulling them down to my ankles before wrapping them around my sexy 5 inch heels! Shoe play and panty play all while wearing these beautiful white knit pantyhose. Great times! 

I love red panties! 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Stuffing them inside my pantyhose a slowly pulling them out bead by bead as they flicked against my pussy! My panties were so soaking wet that they sold almost before I had a chance to take them off my body! Hopefully I can do another hot shoot like this again!

Monday, January 21, 2013

I saw how deep the camel toe was

I wasn’t sure if I wanted her to be on the site until I saw how deep the camel toe was! During Honey’s interview, she stripped down to completely nothing, and then Dave lubed her ass up with hot oil and then he went to town on that shit. When Honey got on top, she worked Dave’s cock so hard, I couldn’t believe my eyes! And boy could she suck a dick!! Sometimes the quiet, not so hot chicks turn out to be the wild and crazy ones!

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with her cameltoe bulging out

Every once in a while that south Florida stripper walks in the door and thinks she has what it take. Well this cutie had it. This little slut showed up wearing a bikini with her cameltoe bulging out and the shit that came out of this girls mouth could give a priest a hardon on a Sunday afternoon. If you like when girls talk nasty to you when your beatin the meat then you gotta see this movie.

Cum Gag 

Looking ultra sexy in her white corset

This statuesque goddess is everything a natural blond should be. Looking ultra sexy in her white corset, she loves the way stockings feel on her skin, but loves being nude even more. Being watched gets her hot, so do her fingers and the taste of her own pussy juice

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