Saturday, December 29, 2012

Spread your legs so I can see your panties

I am so horny right now. I want you girls in sexy bikini panties and slips. Spread your legs so I can see your panties. Mary I want you in a garter belt and stockings, Minnie, a slip and panties. Lots of bum shots and panties panties panties.l I want Minnie to put on sheer nylon pantyhose and show off her panties under the tight sheer white nylon of her hose. More posing and more showing off. Now spread your legs beside each other on the bed and grope and masturbate with vibrators. I want kissing and cuddling, orgasms, stockings and lots and lots of nylons and panties. Man I am just too horny for words. Panty Gallery

sexy plaid panties with the sheer black bottoms

Time to have fun in those school uniforms I sent. Mary in sexy plaid panties with the sheer black bottoms, and Minnie in proper pink panties both in garter belts and stockings. I want you to get the Twister game out and see what happens. Lots of stripping, panty flashing, twirling until your skirts fly up, upskirts, underskirts, bending over to reveal your panties, topless in underwear, panties around your ankles, stripped down to hose and garter belts showing off your pussies. Nylons TGP

I want to look at your panties

I want to look at your panties. I want you both in blouses, skirts and very sexy bikini panties. You should undress for each other in a very sexy way and give me lots and lots of great panty close ups. I want to see all the details as you bend over for me and also let me look up your skirts. Tease each other as you slowly strip down to your garter belts and stockings. Let me look inside your panties before you remove them. Have lots of fun as you play and strip and make me horny as hell watching your panty games. Free Boobs Daily

I want to see panties under your hose

Girls, This week, I want to see you in panties and nylons. Lots of panties and nylons. I want you to bring out whole lot of the panties and nylons I gave you and dress up. I want to see panties under your hose and panties on top of your hose. Two and even three pairs of panties. All different shapes. Bikinis, briefs, string bikinis....whatever your hearts desire. I want you to pose and play and tease me until I cum so hard. You girls are the best Look Sex

Friday, December 28, 2012

Down to nothing but her sexy stockings and panties

Down to nothing but her sexy stockings and panties, Charmane continues to seduce you with her perfect legs tipped with black steel heel stiletto shoes. Watch as she squeezes her extremely perky breasts and rock hard nipples. Don't you want to have a lick? On the verge of explosion, she spreads her stocking legs wide and masturbates with a dildo as she looks deep into your eyes. Her perfect female feet arched exquisitely by the high heel of her erotic black patent stiletto. Listen as she tells you she wants to fuck you. Panty Gallery

Her stiletto heels are aching for a tongue to lick them.

lean legs and and ass that just won't stop! She admits she always feels sexier when she's wearing lingerie, and that's why we put her on our website. Watch as she teases and seduces in her unique stockings. She puts you into an erotic trance as she rubs her lean legs, runs her hands through her long silky hair, and massages her tight black teddie. Her stiletto heels are aching for a tongue to lick them. Panty Gallery

moves her hands expertly inside her lacy pastel pink g-string panties

Now she has you exactly where she wants you! Down to her sexy garter and panties, she slowly and deliberately peels out of her very expensive smoky thigh high stockings, knowing you are watching every single second of what she is doing. Deep in passion's grip, listen and watch as she moans so deeply it rumbles our speakers, and moves her hands expertly inside her lacy pastel pink g-string panties. Her orgasms are like explosions, loud and messy. Her glistening after-juices are a sight to behold Nylons TGP

her perfect ass

It is impossible to look away from her beautiful face, her perfect ass, or her ultra hot all natural breasts! She knows you cannot look away and that she hot gotten under your skin. Slowly she begins to pull her feminine little teddy up, exposing her tight and sexy tummy. Nylons TGP