Monday, January 14, 2013

These cute teens are new to the lesbian world

These cute teens are new to the lesbian world, and still have a thing for hot guys. So, they make a pact that they will proposition a dude for a threesome if the opportunity presents itself. When a random buff beau strolls by, the girls invite him back to their place for some cupcakes and he happily accepts. He's thinking that "cupcake" is just a metaphor for some sweet pussy, and is initially disappointed when he is actually given a real cupcake to eat while the girls get fresh with each other. He hungrily watches as the girls kiss, eat each other out and penetrate their pussies and assholes with toys. When he's finally asked to join them, his dick is so hard you could cut diamonds with it, and he immediately sticks it in the blonde's mouth before throwing it deep inside her moist cunt. While getting fucked, you can tell by the look in her eyes that she has seriously missed dick since turning lesbo. But she still craves pussy, too, so she eats out her brunette while getting tapped. After a long and sweaty fuck session, our guy adds his own creamy filling by blowing a load all over the blonde's face.

Cum Gag 

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